Our Core Services

Logistics made simple for You.


Cargo Transportation

We provide bonded and non-bonded cargo transportation services nationwide including Singapore and Thailand. We operate various types of equipment such as open cargo trucks, box trailer trucks and curtain sider trucks for both short and long haul inter-state trucking.

Complete understanding of our customers’ cargoes and special handling requirements, we ensure the cargo arrive safely and smoothly anytime with the right quantity and competitive rates.


Tanker Transportation

We understand the needs and requirements of the palm oil industry. Our insulated mild steel and stainless-steel tankers are specialised in transporting all kinds of palm oil products including CPO, CPKO, stearin, olein and many more.

We also provide tankers optimised to carry latex and bulk cement.


Container Haulage

Strategically located within the vicinity of Penang NBCT port & Port Klang port, we operate a large fleet of container haulage prime movers, 20-40 trailers and side loader trailers to move import and export containers.

We work closely with customers to customise and tailor the container transportation solution to suit their business needs in terms of time, cost and reliability at all times.


Warehouse Management

We offer bonded and non-bonded warehouse storages, equipped and manned for both seasonal and long-term needs.

We also have Lift-on Lift-off (LoLo) service with our Kalmar Reach stackers and other material handling equipment to provide efficient and economical intermodal container transfers in our container transit yard in Penang and Kedah.



We operate engineering workshops to provide services ranging from corrective and preventive maintenance, welding, tire services and more. We are equipped with special tools and stocked with fast moving parts to ensure quick turnaround and to maintain the integrity of service parts used. We also have an extensive network of maintenance technician to response without delay.

We are also a reputable supplier for new quality commercial and industrial tires.


Leasing & Support

We offer flexible leasing options for both fleets and buildings tailored to specific business objectives with competitive rates.

We also help customers with air & ocean freights arrangements, Goods-in-transit & marine insurances, documentations, international freight forwarding and custom clearance.

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